You are currently viewing A Special Guest Post From My Class. A Must Read!

A Special Guest Post From My Class. A Must Read!

Hi! We are Mrs. Barrins 7th grade class. We are in a contest with the rest of our school to see which classroom can raise the most money for such an amazing cause, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation. We are pulling out all of the stops to rack in the big bucks. 

Our fundraiser donates the money to children with Leukemia and Lymphoma. This money will make sure that parents can afford the expensive treatment their child needs.

Though we mainly want to help those in need, some of us really want the Olive Garden Party (The bread sticks there are mouth-watering) that we’ll get ONLY if YOU donate because it’s a contest against all the other classes in our school.

But we won’t even worry, since we already know we got this Fundraiser contest in the bag because we are the best! And we have a teacher who has a blog that reaches tens of people. 

Speaking of Mrs. Barrins. She’s so much more than a pretty face. She is also the greatest teacher we’ve ever had. Ever. She is so smart and knows all the answers to all of our questions. She never has to use the Google machine. Ever. She is also so very funny. She makes us laugh everyday. 

Equally as adorable as Mrs. Barrins is this little guy named Elliot. He is our inspiration for raising the most money. Mrs. Barrins shared Elliot’s story with us and we were immediately determined to raise as much money as we could in his honor.


Elliot’s mom, Sarah McGann, was kind enough to share Elliot’s story with us. And this really put life into perspective for us.

Elliot was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on November 28, 2014. We were stunned at his diagnosis in the ER and Elliot was very sick. He had a white blood count of 725,000 (and, a typical count is between 4,000 and 11,000). Basically, his blood was like molasses and he was awfully close to having a stroke or otherwise had he not be treated when he was – hence the “acuteness” of this disease.
Within hours of diagnosis, Elliot was sedated and intubated, and received a Leukapheresis treatment which is basically a true blood transfusion where the doctors attempt to “spin” out much of the patient’s blood to separate the bad white cells from the good blood cells.
Elliot did not respond well to this procedure so they did another one, causing many of his major organs to start to fail. Elliot was placed on an oscillator to help him breath as his lungs were not functioning well. There were several scary nights in the Pediatric ICU and we watched doctors and nurses save his life one particular night. (One of the nurses received the Daisy award for her tremendous and professional care for Elliot!)
Elliot is finishing Maintenance on March 16, which marks 3 1/2 years of treatment. He has undergone countless in-patient stays to receive chemotherapy, long 8-hour clinic days for chemotherapy, blood products and platelets, and consistent clinic appointments for chemotherapy. He has undergone dozens of lumbar punctures (spinal taps) to infuse chemo into his central nervous system. He’s been through so much.

Today is March 16, 2018. Which means it’s Elliot’s last day of treatment! So we are even more inspired to help other kids just like him make it to the last day of treatment. Please help.

NO donation is too small, we love and appreciate all of the support. If everyone who reads this could donate just $5 it would be so amazing. 

85% of children live 5 years after diagnosis and we are prayerful that Elliot will be no exception-Sarah McGann

So please click the link below to support this awesome cause!

Mrs. Barrins 113-7

Any money directed toward our cause is money going toward children like Elliot. Visit our Website often to check our progress and please invite friends who would also like to donate!

Please share this post so we can really make a difference. 

Thank you.

~Written by the 113-7 class at Robert Healy Elementary School. With subtle suggestions from Mrs. Barrins.

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