Actually, Stilettos Are Not the Most Practical Choice in a Hurricane. For Realz.

For the love of God. People need to calm the F down.

Earlier today I posted a pic of Melania Trump wearing stiletto heels getting on a plane to visit Texas to survey the hurricane damage. It was merely an observation. I found it to be not the most practical form of footwear for a hurricane.

That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It was not a political statement. Not in any way, shape, or form. It was a fashion statement. And a bold one at that.

I think Melania Trump is stunning. She’s gorgeous. She can get away with wearing things most people never could.

But it’s just not freaking practical to wear stiletto heels in a hurricane. It’s just not. Why can’t she just wear a pair of Hunters like every other freaking mom in the United States of America wears when it rains?


This was my fave comment.

Seriously? I’m in Texas and working with hundreds of neighbors to help all The evacuees who have lost everything and you are actually posting and criticizing the shoes worn by The First Lady of our country? Your time might be better spent donating to the thousands of victims here.

First of all, you have no clue if I have donated or not. Just like I’m not sure you’re really helping the evacuees who have lost everything. Are you posting these comments from a life boat?

Is there even electricity? How are you keeping everything charged? I mean I get like two hours tops of battery life in the best of circumstances.

Second of all, I’m not criticizing anyone. All I said was, “Now that’s a practical shoe to wear in a hurricane.” One might argue I am agreeing with the First Lady’s choice in footwear. One who doesn’t understand sarcasm.

Seriously, babe. Sorry not sorry. It’s not a practical choice. No matter how you look at it. You don’t wear stilettos in a hurricane. Just ask Tom Skilling.

And for everyone else that pointed out when they landed in Texas she was actually wearing gym shoes, thank you. I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

This country is up for grabs right now. It’s a very scary time. For a lot of people.

But one thing that always brings this country together is a disaster. And I truly feel that ninety-nine percent of people around the country are horrified by the images they are seeing all over television and social media from Texas. Just like I am.

We’re all praying for your safety. We’re all praying that the loss of life is minimal. We’re all praying that Texas can rebuild and be better than ever. And we’re all praying that everyone in Texas is wearing a sensible rubber-soled flat.

And one more thing. For the love of God, leave poor Joel Olsteen alone. He is not responsible for the destruction that is Hurricane Harvey. He is not God.

Or is he?

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