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This is teachers. Living high on the hog.

All Teachers Suck. And Should Be Fired. And Stoned to Death.

I have been reading a lot about what is happening to the public school system in Chicago. Because I’m a teacher and have too much time on my hands. I always read the comments that follow an article. And I have to tell you, the people who wrote these comments are the ones who should be running the show. Their thought provoking, in-depth opinions are exactly what we need to save this sinking ship of a school system.

As always, I have not edited any of the comments. For your enjoyment. If these commentators were to go on strike their chant could be, “Keyboard courage! Keyboard Courage! Keyboard Courage!”


Of the teachers who voted, 96 per cent of them voted to strike.
Great salaries. Great benefits. Great pensions. A part-time job.


Because they don’t care about the kids or their community.

Last time I checked I wasn’t on strike. Because I worked all day. And I use the term “work” loosely because I’m teacher. It’s not because I don’t care. It’s because I love my great salary, great benefits, great pension, and working part-time doing nothing. Duh. And I’m not sure if this is public knowledge, but we are actually required to take a class called Greed-Crazed Nutjobs 101. But it’s not in all caps. And we have to pay for it ourselves.


The solution is to get rid of teacher unions. They got big raises when there was no money and the taxpayers didn’t get big raises. Over paid, under worked, and under performing teachers should not get an other raise.

Now scionel has done his homework. And as a teacher I applaud that. He clearly knows what he’s talking about. He didn’t just read one article and spout out the first thing that came to mind. Teachers are wayyyyy overpaid and wayyyyy underworked. I mean we all know this.

But I don’t recall getting a big raise. And I’m a taxpayer. So did I get screwed twice? And what’s an other raise? I’ll take one of those also.


Stop the union payoffs
And start the teacher layoffs

God do I love a good rhyme. That’s why I’m so good at striking. Hanginlow, we could use someone like you on the picket line. And by your screen name I can tell how clever you are.

J. Robert

CTU needs an education in austerity

I do need an education in austerity. Because I don’t know that many big words. And I did actually look up the word and I’m still not quite sure what it means. Unless it means greedy and underworked, than I don’t need to be educated in austerity. I already know all about it.


The greed-crazed teachers have the same dilemma. Even as CPS slides into bankruptcy, they will not let go of any of their salary, benefits, or pension. I call this Boss Hog’s dilemma.

Dwayne. This is your second comment. You sure do have plenty of free time. You must be a teacher. And I appreciate the Boss Hog shout out. That is the actual reflection I see when I look in the mirror every morning.

This is teachers. Living high on the hog.
This is teachers. Living high on the hog.


Fire them all and eliminate pensions. Start the whole system over

Ronald Reagan is that you? Sounds simple enough. Like you’ve really thought this through. I like it. Because I think this is what will really benefit the kids most.


Keep on cutting. The teachers have totally failed. The product tgey are producing is shameful.

I can only assume you are a product of that failed system. Tgey really produced something shameful when tgey produced you. And by your screen name I know you’re an activist. I am too. If by activist you mean sittin’ on my ass all day long not doing nothin’ but collecting a paycheck.


greedy union and teachers in bed together, no wonder the kids hate schools. some make allmost 6 figures and still not enough, for a 3 year degree sad.Plus i read all over internet about child hood Obesity’s, was’nt like 80% of them completely over weight. The one guy when he got up to vote the chair came with him.

I wish I would have seen the one guy get up to vote and the chair coming with him. Because fat people are always funny. Like when you see someone fall.

Three year degree? Allmost 6 figures? It should be alllllllmost 6 figures. As in not even close. But you read it on the internet, so it has to be true.

And I’m not the one buying food for all of the obese kids. Well, not yet, anyway.


CTU is an absolutely miserable and quite possibly evil group of blankety-blanks. They would rather drag everyone else down than bargain. CPS parents – It’s probably up to you now; to get up in CTU’s faces and explain to them how greedy they really are.

I am a member of the CTU and a CPS parent. I’m so blankety-blank confused as to what you think I’m supposed to do. Because your opinion really, really matters to me.


didn’t we have a strike last year?

Um, not sure who “we” is. Maybe you had a strike last year? But I didn’t. And I’m really hoping “we” don’t strike this year.

Dwayne (3rd comment, you must be a retired teacher)

Teachers : your secret is out and the taxpayers are outraged. You want deluxe pensions. You want to retire at 55. Then you sure as hell are going to be expected to contribute your full share. Your money grubbing attitude does not resonate with private sector taxpayers who have had their own retirements jeopardized. Pay up.

Goddammit Dwayne! Stop telling my secrets. I want my pension like I want my Whopper. Deluxe. With cheese. And you are totally correct that I will retire on my 55th birthday. They actually throw a party for you and stuff your pockets full of cash for all of your unused sick time. And you get a lightsaber that says CTU on it. It’s amazeballs.

I like to tell it like it is. Teachers are a bunch of non tax-paying, money hungry, part-time working, drains on society. Everyone knows this. But the one thing I don’t understand is… why doesn’t everyone just become a teacher? We have it made.

Now let me get back to counting my money and planning my retirement.

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