Father’s Day Sucks When Your Dad is Dead

Another holiday is upon us. Father's day. It rolls around every year at the same time. Just as summer is off and running. Normally a gorgeous day spent poolside, grilling awesome food. The drinks are usually flowing. It has the makings for the perfect Sunday, except for one minor detail. My dad is dead. Now for me, Father's Day isn't as big a deal as Mother's Day. It was always way more laid back. Just hanging out with dad. I'm assuming it's like this for most people because I have…

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Dazed or Confused? School’s Out for Summer

This is the absolute greatest time of the year as a teacher. I'm sure everyone's heard the dumb joke, "What are the three greatest things about teaching? June, July, and August!". Hardy- har-har. But seriously, a huge perk of becoming a teacher is having your summers off. You count down that last month with more enthusiasm than the students. Way more. Students are like, woohoo, we get to sleep in! No homework! Teachers are like, thank the dear Lord. I didn't think I was going to live if I had…

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The Jersey Shore’s Got Nothing on Me

A few years ago, well about nine years ago to be exact, I took a trip out east to watch my brother Juan play football. Because that's what good sisters do. Especially when your parents are dead. I felt an obligation to be there for Juan and cheer him on. Because no one else would. Dat was busy back home planning his wedding to Meggy. Now I know Juan's version of these events may differ from mine, but Juan doesn't have a blog or know how to use a computer. So I'm…

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My Favorite Thing

Sometimes I wish it were possible to send out an Amber Alert for Oprah Winfrey. I just want her to come back to me. Where is she and what does she do everyday, now that she's not spending her time with me? Does she think about me as much as I think about her? There are just so many unanswered questions since May 25, 2011. It was only three years ago, but in some ways it seems like a lifetime. I still remember where I was when I heard the horrific news.…

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Pregnant Reality

Nothing makes me happier than a good, not that there is a bad one, episode of 16 and Pregnant. And I know I'm not alone on this one because they're on like their twentieth season. I think one of the gals this year was one of the original babies born in season one. Nothing has changed. Every season has pretty much been the same. Even though I know what to expect, I still can't believe my eyes. I just can't stop watching. It's a shame it's only middle-aged women that watch this show. Too bad…

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