Don’t Sweat the Toy Room

This is the state of our toy room. I wish I could say it’s like this because my back is injured and I can’t clean it up. But that would be a big fat lie. It’s been like this forever. My kids never go in here, nor do they ever even look for any of these toys. I could rent a dumpster and throw it all away and they would never notice. The only problem with that is, if they saw me throwing it all away, suddenly these toys would be their most prized possessions and there would be tears and pure mayhem.

This is my nightmare.
My biggest problem, isn’t really a problem.

What I need to do is get rid of it all when the kids are not home. The only problem with that is, they are always home. Always. At least one of them. At all times. And normally there are more kids here that don’t even belong to me. When I actually do get the toy room in order, other kids come and play with everything because every kid loves toys at other peoples’ houses. Even if they have the exact same toy at home that they never even play with.

So, after other kids come and play with all the toys and trash the toy room, I just leave it. I close the door so I don’t have to look at it. The rest of my house I like to keep orderly and clean. But the hell with the toy room. The only thing my kids actually like to play with is the damn treadmill. Well at least someone is using it.

The saddest part of all of this is that we are the ones who purchased most of this clutter. Probably could have paid off my student loans instead. But we also hold Santa accountable. We are already planning on having a long talk with him this year.  But Santa is in a tough position. Our kids are still young and do not really understand the concept of money. But they sure as hell can count. If one kid gets five gifts under the tree, all four of them sure as hell better have five.

Last year Santa decided to get them each their own Kindle Fire. Santa saw how all year long they all fought over the one Kindle Fire we already owned. Santa knew that to save my sanity, it would be a wise decision to gift four more. Santa also knew that it was the only thing in the house that actually got played with. The only problem with this was that a kid can’t have just one gift to open on Christmas morning. So Santa went to Five Below and stocked up on a bunch of crap that the kids could open. Inflatable chairs, Chicago Bears water bottles, hockey sticks (but only righties and we have a lefty) board games, make-up. Crap, Crap. Crap. But affordable crap. And the tree looked amazing filled with all of those treasures to open.

And of course, there is Grandma Madeline. She likes to spoil, like most grandparents. Although, she has witnessed the state of this disturbing muddle. So she has really made an effort to not go overboard anymore. And we appreciate that. I can honestly say that this is the only time I’m overjoyed that my kids only have one living grandparent. I can’t imagine this disarray times four. Gotta look on the bright side.

I have thought of having a garage sale. But I fear no one will want this rubbish. I imagine every house with kids has the same problem. And most importantly, I don’t think my self-esteem could handle it if no one wanted to purchase my used belongings.

But at the end of the day, if this is my biggest problem, I am lucky. I think I’m going to go sit down in that hot mess of a toy room and be thankful this is all I have to deal with in my life. Heck, maybe I’ll even straighten it up. Because I love nothing more than when my kids come home to a clean house and say, wow mom, was there a cleaning lady here today? No, darlings, there wasn’t. It was freaking magic.

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