I Gotta Guy. His Name is Uncle Ter.

One year ago today we lost one of the best. My Godfather. My beloved Uncle Terry.

And life will never quite been the same.

Uncle Ter had a guy for everything. You needed something? You called Uncle Ter, he’d have a guy for you. I don’t know what the hell you need, and Uncle Ter probably didn’t either. But I’ll still bet my bottom dollar down that he had a guy for you. Because he did.

Uncle Ter was my guy. And that guy to so many others.

I got a guy who made me believe Groundhog Day was a real holiday and that this poor creature really told us the future. Every single February 2nd I got a call bright and early wishing me a happy groundhog’s day and the convo always ended the same way, see you at the parade!

I got a guy who was always there for me throughout my life. In the best of times and in the worst of times. Yet every time with that hilarious signature laugh.

I gotta guy who spent every last waking moment with his beloved brothers before they died.

I gotta guy who took care of his sister Batsy until the day he died. Leaving her to be the last one standing. Lost without her baby brothers.

I gotta guy who wore a shirt that read, “I can fix anything, where’s the duct tape?”

I gotta guy who, along with his amazing wife, took in his brothers kids and always hosted us at his house and always made us feel so damn welcome. Always.

I gotta guy who would come fix my dryer when I called him. And sometimes I didn’t even have to replace the entire thing when he was finished.

I gotta guy who laughed the loudest. Gave the most. And, most importantly, showed us all love. And what family is really about.

I gotta guy that was very proud of being Irish. Never forgetting where his Dad came from and why he came to America.

I gotta guy who loved to laugh. Right up until the very end. One day he invited us over for a Sunday afternoon. Just a family dinner. A million of us. And a billion of our kids. We made him a dessert that looked like an ashtray full of cigarettes He was so proud of me in that moment. I felt it. Everyone needs to experience that feeling at least once in their lives. He was so proud he asked for a pic of the masterpiece to show to his oncologist.

I gotta guy who every time I slept over at his house I was greeted with, “Morning princess I hope you slept all right with that pea under your mattress.”

I gotta guy who loved crossword puzzles. All day. Everyday. When you walked through the back door he would be sitting there at the kitchen table doing a crossword. Every. Damn. Day. It amazed me.

I gotta guy who bought a cottage in Michigan for all of his family to use. And not just his kids, ALL of us. And if you didn’t use it enough, he’d call you and ask why you don’t use it more often. His fridge was always stocked. His cooler was always full. And there was always plenty more where that came from.

I gotta guy who always called and said the same exact thing, “Hey Po, whatdaya know? Just get back form Kokomo? ” It just dawned on me that I have no clue what that even meant. I was just so used to it.

I gotta guy who always showed up. The day my mom died Uncle Ter appeared at our house. He just knew. He was there with my Dad and I when the thought of being alone was unimaginable.

I gotta guy who buried a child and raised five more. Who put them all through school. All while working as a homicide detective on midnights, never getting any sleep. Laughing the entire time.

I gotta guy who retired and bought a pick-up truck so that anytime any one of us needed something moved he could help.

I gotta guy who would babysit his grandkids. Even if he didn’t have a backseat. Or car seats. Or even seat belts, for that matter. He drove my brother to the airport one day with a six-month-old propped up between them. When he hit the brakes he’d simply put his right arm out and everyone was safe. Now his left arm was inevitably hanging out the window with a Winston attached to it. So I’m assuming he had the kids trained to take the wheel.

I gotta guy that was larger than freaking life itself. Always. And I’m going to miss that laugh.

I gotta guy that left me some pretty hilarious voice mails that I will cherish always.

I gotta guy who loved his wife more than anything. His relationship with my Aunt Donna is one I always hope to emulate. Lots of love. Lots of laughs.

I gotta guy that has more friends than anyone I have ever met in my entire life. He was a magnet and just attracted people. I always wondered what his wake would have been like. Would have had to have been a three dayer. There were just so many friends. Every where you went someone knew Uncle Ter and had nothing but great things to say about him.

I gotta guy who could tell a story like no other. Who could deliver a joke like it was his job.

I gotta guy who left us on March 26, 2020. The day of the Sox Home Opener. On his late brother Tom’s birthday. That morning we were waiting for God to call him home and two cardinals flew by me, heading towards Uncle Ter’s house.

I gotta guy who didn’t get a wake or a funeral. So please take a second to remember my guy and his family today. Maybe even send up a little prayer.

I gotta guy who is in heaven, out of pain, reunited with his son Jimmy, his beloved brothers, Bob, Tom, and Jack, and his parents. And countless others who surely were awaiting his arrival.

I gotta guy who left behind an amazing legacy. Aunt Donna. Susie, Kelly, Terry, Billy, and Marty. Fourteen amazing grandkids. We all love you and look forward to always celebrating Uncle Ter.

Love, Po

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