I Need These Election Commercials to End. Now.

Every morning I walk (crawl) on the treadmill for thirty minutes. It’s just my time to be by myself. And I love every second of it. And by every morning, I mean the last couple of months. Who knows how long this will last.

There are no calls. No texts. Just me. Alone. Watching the morning news.

This used to be the most peaceful time of my day. But it has now turned into my least favorite time of day. Thanks to all of the insane election commercials.

I. Can. Not.


Kathleen the single mom from Illinois. Oh. My. God.

I liked her at first. I was all like, you go girl. Raising those kids all on your own. In Illinois.

But after the millionth time I watched her commercial, I understood why she was single.

I have been waking up to her each morning for weeks now and she’s always making the same face and saying the same crap over and over.

“I teach my two kids to think for themselves, to dream big and to take responsibility for their actions. In Illinois, we adults need to start living the lessons we teach our kids.” Kathleen asks why Illinoisans continue to vote for career politicians who are beholden to Chicago bosses.

But guess what? I still don’t know who the F she’s supporting. She might as well just run at this point. I might even write her in as my presidential vote. Kathleen SingleMom. Because if there’s one person who could get this country rocking again, it would be a freaking single mom. They don’t play.

Susana Mendoza. We get it. You are your own person.

“I’m my own person, I’m not beholden to anybody, never have been,” she says.

The word beholden is really popular this election year.

“It’s the most important job that most people have never heard of and it’s because it controls the state’s checkbook,” she says.

What job? No clue what you’re running for Susana. And I no longer use a checkbook. And I find it a little archaic that the state still does. Maybe that’s why we have no money.

Susana also fancies herself a “truth teller”. The problem is, Susana, I’m not sure this election year I can handle the truth.

Tomorrow morning will hopefully be my last on the treadmill with all this nonsense. I look forward to regularly scheduled programming. I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait for the toy commercials to be on and listen to my kids beg for everything under the sun. Anything but all this political nonsense.

All I have really learned from all of these political ads is that I hate everyone. Ev. Er. Ry. One.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be rocking my vote tomorrow. And watching closely all night long. Because I’m an American. Not an American’t.

To quote my fave Kate Bush song…..

“Oh, darling, make it go away
Just make it go away now”

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