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We even dress alike.

I’m Back. New Year. Pretty Much Same Me.

So I took a little time off from writing. I just needed to recharge and regroup. And really concentrate on my other passion. Drinking. Best thing I could have done. Because now I’m back and ready to rock.

My holidays were amazing. Santa was extremely generous to my kids. And some day soon I may actually pick up the remaining wrapping paper that’s littering my basement and put away the decorations. But for now I’m content with just closing the basement door.

We even dress alike.
We even dress alike.

On New Year’s Eve we took the kids to a bar to celebrate Irish New Year. The thought being, we’ll ring in the New Year at 6:00 pm with the kids and have them home and in bed nice and early. Because we are very responsible and take parenting extremely seriously.

Best laid plans.

But then 8:00 rolls around and your brother invites your family back to his house with everyone else in the bar. Then next thing you know, it’s 4:00 am and your kids are carrying you into your house. Then when you come to, around 2:00 pm the next day, you realize you have to wake your kids to take them to another bar for their cousin’s first birthday party.

Might as well start the new year the same way you ended the last one. We like consistency. Routine is important for kids.

You know it’s becoming a problem when you’re walking into the yet another bar, with your four kids under the age of ten, in less than 24 hours. But it becomes an even bigger issue when you tell your kids they’re not allowed to rack up the bar bill with kiddie cocktails and your son replies, why can’t I just walk up to the bar and pay for them myself like I did at the bar last night?

Hmmm. I mean, I don’t know why exactly. But I’m trying to resemble somewhat of a parent here and I feel as though I have to set some sort of guidelines for you. Because you’re ten. And in a bar. Again.

The family that parties together also gets sick together. When you spend that much time together for two whole weeks, it’s inevitable. We finally get everyone back to school that first day, just in time for them to all get sick that very night. Eight cousins were all out sick that next day. Three from the same class.

All related. Only kids out that day. All puking.
All related. Only kids out that day. All puking.

And am I the only one that didn’t know mac and cheese doesn’t digest? It comes out looking exactly the same as it did going in. Amazing. And yet horribly disturbing, all at the same time.

And don’t even get me started on this weather.  The entire break was spent indoors. No skiing, no sledding, no skating. Nothing.

Finally, it was warm enough to take the kids sledding. And by take them, I mean pick up all their friends and drop them all off at the hill and tell them to walk back home because I’m not putting a bra on today. I’ll cherish that memory forever.

New year. Pretty much same old me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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