Inequality: T-Shirt Division: One Woman’s Quest

It is the year 2016. And there is an issue that I just can’t wrap my head around. Why in God’s name can’t t-shirts be massed produced in women’s sizes?

I have played in countless softball tournaments. And I have countless men’s t-shirts to prove it. In my closet.

I have done a ton (several) of race/walks. All of them earning me another men’s t-shirt that will sit in a pile. Unworn.

A few years ago we had a fundraiser for our son. We had t-shirts made. All men’s sizes. I had to order my own special one just for me.

Some of my friends totally rock a man’s t-shirt. I do not. I feel like an animal trapped in a cage. The real me is not allowed to shine. It’s like I’m hiding behind a thick layer of boxy, scratchy cotton.

It’s like drawing a square around a circle. It’s like trying to fit a giant exercise ball in a box that is too small. Sure you can squeeze it in there, but it just wasn’t meant to be. It’s like stuffing a sausage into a mismatched casing. It’s gross.

I am a real woman. I have curves. I have a very shapely hourglass figure. If by hourglass you mean apple. Big, round, plump, juicy, apple. With lots of shape. Mostly in the midsection.

Majority women. Majority men's t-shirts.
Majority women. Majority men’s t-shirts.

I am a teacher. There is something like 30,000 plus teachers in my district. A large majority of them female. Yet every single t-shirt/hoodie we wear is made for a man. I just don’t get it. People already hate us. These t-shirts are not helping our cause.

Victoria’s Secret has come up with some cute women’s t-shirts over the years. For all of our fave sports teams. But it’s hard to wear these if you’re not in amazing shape.

I don’t want something skin tight. I don’t want something low-cut. I want a freaking shirt that fits!

I just want a shirt that fits me for me. Making a men’s shirt a v-neck does not make it flattering on a woman.

Can we start making shirts for men and women? Equally? Or dare I suggest we make all t-shirts from here on out in women’s sizes. Is there something I’m missing here? Is there a reason all of my dreams aren’t coming true in the t-shirt department?

Does anyone else feel this way? Am I the only one?

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