It Takes a Freaking Village to Raise These Kids

We hear it all the time. It takes a village. We can’t possibly raise these kids on our own. We need everyone’s help. And it’s so true.

Doing my research for this post I read that Hillary Clinton wrote a book about this subject. And that conservatives went nuts and claimed it doesn’t take a village. It takes a family to raise a child.

It takes both. Duh.

I yell at other people’s kids often. And every time I do, I think of how it takes a village. And how lucky they are to have me as a part of theirs. To yell at them.

I count on so many people in my life to help me raise amazing kids on the daily. Relatives, friends, and neighbors (who all happen to be relatives and friends.) Teachers, coaches, co-workers. All of these people play a role in making my kids better people.

I could not do any of this without all of these people in my life. I am so lucky to be surrounded by an amazing village. One person in particular is Miss Sue. She is the park supervisor and works a few doors down from our house at the field house.

Miss Sue has played such an influential role in my kids’ lives. From the beginning. Life would be so different without her in it.

When our youngest son was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal abnormality, Miss Sue was there. When we had a fundraiser in his honor, she made posters to advertise it without being asked. She also attended the fundraiser after working such long hours.

Our kids walk home from school everyday. They pass by Miss Sue on their way. She is always waiting for them with a treat of some kind. But before they get the treat they have to tell her something kind they did for someone else that day. She is single-handedly making my kids better people.

Miss Sue offers a lot of programs at her little park house. Beginning at age three. One time her entire class was filled with my kids and all of their cousins. All related. All knowing each other way too well to behave. We still apologize to her for that.

She literally has the patience of a saint. She raises our children without ever raising her voice. She’s amazing. I don’t know how she does it. I don’t know why she does it. But I’m just so grateful that she does do it.

All related. Poor Miss Sue.
All related. Poor Miss Sue.

She also runs after school t-ball leagues and a summer camps. And she is always there to remind me of all the sign-ups that she knows I can’t remember for the life of me.

Miss Sue never misses a birthday. Ever. And I’m not talking about just the kids here. Even Beau and I get a card from her each and every year. It’s amazing the way receiving a birthday card can still make you feel.

A few years ago I hurt my back. I was bedridden for days. My kids were really little and just outside running around and there was nothing I could do. But I didn’t worry because I knew Miss Sue had her eye on them. She even came over to check on me to make sure I was okay.

When we can’t find one of our kids, which is often, we go to Miss Sue’s. Most of the time they are there and she’s playing a game of checkers with them. Or doing a puzzle. Or reminding them to keep their noses clean.

Our kids have found themselves locked out of the house on more than one occasion. Miss Sue always makes sure they are okay and have what they need. She now even keeps a spare key for them. She means more to us and our kids than she will ever know.

It really does take a village to raise these freaking kids. There’s no way we could do this all on our own. We are just so blessed that Miss Sue is an integral part of our village. Thank you for EVERYTHING Miss Sue.

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