Jamie Lynn Spears Needs Prayers, Not Judgement

I have been absolutely heart sick over the story about the daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears. She was riding in an ATV on the family’s property when there was an unspeakable accident. She flipped and was submerged under water for some time.

Her mother, Jamie Lynn, witnessed the entire thing. She raced to her and tried to get her out. She was strapped in by a seat belt and a safety net. All the things that were in place to prevent a disaster. Now making it so much worse.

I can’t imagine witnessing my child flipping into water. I can’t imagine trying frantically to free her. It’s my absolute worst nightmare.

This part is so hard for me to type. I have an eight year old daughter. Lying in bed last night I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. The horror of it all. Not being able to help your own child.

My kids are 9, 8, 7, and almost 6. They do things every single day that could cause them great bodily harm. Sometimes with my permission. Sometimes without. Because I can’t let my fears of what might happen prevent them from having a childhood.

No mother deserves to be judged. Especially when they are in the midst of a horrific tragedy. We need to be saying prayers and supporting Jamie Lynn. And every mother going through something similar.


This was an accident. And when you have kids accidents happen. A lot.

We cannot keep our kids cloaked in bubble wrap. We have to let them be kids and just hope for the best. And when hope isn’t enough we need to support one another.

People are the worst. I have seen so many negative comments posted about this story. So many people attacking the mother.

I don’t know if people are just trolls. Or if they aren’t parents and have no clue how much of raising children is out of your control. Or if they truly believe they are better than everyone else.

I feel bad for any mother who feels the need to judge another mother. There must be something so wrong in her life. She must be hurting so bad that the only thing she can do to make herself feel better is to unleash on someone else. And that’s sad.

Hurt people hurt people.

This is an incredibly tragic accident. No one, especially a mother, wants something like this to happen. Blame doesn’t need to be placed.

But prayers need to be said. Lots of them. For every mother of a child living a nightmare right now. Save your judgement for when you’re looking in the mirror.

There’s only one true judge and that’s God. So chill and let my father do His job.

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