Kicking My Students Butts One Step At A Time

Part of my diet and exercise regime includes counting my steps everyday. I really felt the need to challenge myself. So when one of my fave students got a Fitbit, we started challenging each other on a weekly basis.

He’s in 8th grade. He’s got an obscene amount of energy. And he plays multiple sports. On the first day he got over 27,000 steps.

Sometimes I walk into my room and find a giant L written on my board. Sometimes when I see this student he yells “take a L”. Meaning I’m a loser. It’s really a sweet relationship we share.

This wasn’t exactly the boost to my self-confidence I was looking for. So I started pulling out all of the stops. I would give him a demerit every time I saw him walking. I told all of his teachers to make sure he remained seated at all times.

No raising his Fitbit arm to answer a question. No being a messenger. No bathroom breaks. No participating in fire drills.

All my hard work finally paid off. This week I actually won the competition. And I am beside myself.

Being the mature role model that I am, I wore a gold medal to school to taunt said student. Because I’m an amazing educator. And I hung up a picture for all to see. Because it’s my job to set an example to these impressionable youths. It was defaced in record time.


The sombrero really does complete the look.

I can only assume the “Don’t Dance” comment is to deter me from getting more steps. Because I know my dance moves are what my students really love most about me.

Truth be told, the student claims to have lost his Fitbit. He’s an honest kid and all. But a win is a win. And I don’t care how I got it. I won.

When I walked into my room today I found a note with some words of encouragement on my board.


And can I just tell you how happy this threat made me? Just having a student that knows the difference between your and you’re makes me a winner. Every time.

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