My Thoughts On Being a Sox Fan When The Cubs Are in the Super Bowl

I like sports. I play sports. My kids play sports. I don’t always understand sports. But one thing is for sure. I am a Sox fan.

I was born and raised a Chicago White Sox fan. My Dad was a huge fan. I know everyone out there says that their Dad is the hugest fan ever, but they are wrong. My Dad was.

My Dad died in April 2005 at the ripe old age of 58. When we were kids he would always say when he was old and senile to just tell him the Sox were in the World Series and he’d be happy. He did not live to be old and senile.

And his beloved White Sox went on to win the World Series in 2005. The irony. I like to believe my Dad played a hand in that. I also like to dwell on the fact that he should have been freaking alive to witness it.

Fast forward to 2016. This year the Chicago Cubs are in the playoffs. And that would not have made my Dad happy. It would have killed him. If he wasn’t already dead.

Living in Chicago, you are either a Sox fan or a Cubs fan. Some people will claim they like both teams. These people are liars. It’s not possible to like both. You need to pledge your allegiance to one or the other. It’s the way it works.


Chicago is known as the murder capital of the world. People are killing each other at alarming rates. One can only assume these shootings are all Sox/Cubs related. Chiraq don’t play.

When we were kids, we moved to a new neighborhood. My brother made a new friend. The new friend walked into our house in a Cubs shirt. My Dad made him go home and change his shirt. Might explain why all of our friends are related.

I have friends that are Sox fans that are married to Cubs fans. Forget race. Forget Religion. There are some things that just aren’t going to work out.

Love is blind. But when it’s the championships everyone’s true colors come out. And this is no way to raise children. Making them choose. It’s just no way to live. Trust me.

And when it comes to baseball-we have two favorite clubs
The Go-Go White Sox… and whoever plays the Cubs!

The other day I wore a White Sox shirt to work. A co-worker suggested I was being passive aggressive. It just happened to be my only clean shirt. Wink.

I am a Sox fan. No matter what. But that doesn’t mean I hate the Cubs. I just don’t care. They’re not my team. Just like the team they are playing against right now in the World Cup. They mean nothing to me.

But holy crap some people on the Facebook are taking this to a whole other level. I thought the posts about the election were annoying. Hours of my life I will never get back.

It’s only a game Focker.

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