Please Stop Telling Kids What to Wear and Who to Be. Just Let Them Be Kids.

My cousin Shelly called me last night to tell me about a story she saw on the news. There is a little girl in Indiana that wanted to make her first communion wearing a suit instead of a dress.

You heard me. This little 9 year-old girl had the gall to want to wear pants. Pants. In public. On one of the holiest days of her life.

She was told she could not wear the suit because she has a vagina and she would have to wear a dress or couldn’t make her first holy communion. The way God intended children to make their first holy communion. Being terrified and uncomfortable in their own skin.

The kind Christian priest gently explained to the parents that they were horrible parents for letting their child behave in such a manner. Imagine, in the year 2017, letting your daughter wear pants. Next thing you know we’ll be letting women vote. We’ll be letting women make decisions regarding their own bodies.

And then we’ll have to start paying them the exact same wage a man gets for doing the exact same job. Just kidding. That will never happen.

But it’s a slippery slope, people. A real freaking slippery slope. Once you let one girl wear pants, you know exactly what’s gonna happen.

Another girl might want to wear pants. And then we all die.

There are so many other horrific things going on in the world. Children are suffering and dying. People are killing innocent human beings at an alarming rate. And this is what people are worried about? Children’s apparel.

I have two gender non-conforming kids. Not one, but two. Like my hat says, I am #blessed. But that doesn’t mean our lives aren’t difficult. To say the least.

What are they going to be for Halloween? Happy. They're going to be happy.
What are they going to be for Halloween? Happy. They’re going to be happy.

I am constantly answering the questions, are they trans? Are they gay? Um no. They’re kids. They’re just kids.

No one has ever asked me that about my two gender conforming kids. Ever.

My gender conforming kids are 8 and 9. They’re not attracted to the opposite sex yet. (At least that they’re vocal about) They’re not attracted to the same sex yet. (At least that they’re vocal about) You want to know why? Because they’re freaking 8 and 9 year-old’s. They’re freaking kids. They don’t even know what any of this means. So why would my 6 and 7 year-old’s?

They choose to wear clothes that make them feel good. Clothes that make them feel comfortable. Because they’re clothes. Fabrics in different shapes and sizes used to cover your private parts because we were taught long ago to be embarrassed of our bodies.

My daughter hasn’t worn a dress since she was two. Once she started to verbalize that she preferred pants, we stopped putting dresses on her.  Our son prefers dresses. He likes to get dressed up on special occasions. He loves looking fancy.

When you look good you feel good. Trust me. I feel good a lot.

People need to get over themselves. Why do people care what another kid is wearing? It must be so freaking awesome to have all gender conforming kids. You must be so proud of yourselves for raising such amazing little individuals.

No son of yours would ever wear a dress. We get it. You’re so incredible. You’re such a better person than me.

I’m sick of being polite about it. Especially when a whole lot of people aren’t extending me and my family the same common courtesy. I’ll have an inbox full of hate after this is posted. Don’t waste your time. I don’t read them anymore. I’m over it.

I’m tired of always trying to explain things everywhere we go. If you can’t understand this. That’s your problem.

I. Don’t. Care.

My all time favorite message I receive on a regular basis is,

Well, you know, God doesn’t make mistakes.

No shit He doesn’t. A mistake would be giving my kids to someone like you.

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