How Having Kids Will Make You Look Forward to Going to the Dentist

I got a message the other day from my friend Moe. He was telling me how much his life has changed since having kids. He has two small children so a trip to the dentist alone is now a real treat for him. Thought about your blog today. The kids were waking up from naps and I was about to get the change me, feed me, bring me outside, I just woke up I'm cranky attitude from them. But lucky me I had a dentist appointment! I used to hate…

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Having Kids: Taking it One Day at a Time

A video popped up on my Facebook memories today and I can't believe the impact it has had on me. It's of my youngest doing therapy in our home a few years ago. The emotions that filled me were insane. This was a time in our lives when so much was unknown. We finally received a medical diagnosis for what he had. 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. And now we were just trying to figure out what it all meant. While I watched the video I was shocked to remember the way…

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What to Really Expect When You’re Expecting. The Lost Chapters.

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of getting married and having kids. I wanted to have five kids. I just couldn't wait to be a mom. I thought it would be so fun and that I'd be really good at it. When I was pregnant with my kids I read every single what to expect book there was out there. I was prepared. Knowledge is power and I was full of both. All the books I read were great, but I think they forgot a few chapters.…

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Different is the New Normal

I have a friend who is changing the world. One kind gesture at a time. Her name is Kerry and she is an absolute inspiration to me as a woman, as a mom, and as a friend. I met Kerry at a play school class for kids with special needs. My son was born with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. 22q is a chromosomal disorder that results in poor development of several body systems.The syndrome can cause heart defects, poor immune system function, a cleft palate, and low levels of calcium in the…

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