Today, You’re You and That is Enough. My Students are Amazing.

This year I started at a new school. It's in a completely different part of the city, with a completely different set of problems. I miss my old students and co-workers, but fate has definitely put me here for a reason. The other day I wrote about a speech I gave to a group of 8th grade students at a retreat. I spoke from the heart and told them about my kids. About their differences. About acceptance. I had this opportunity all because of an email. A few months ago two…

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Dear Children, Charge Your Freaking Electronic Devices Before I Lose My Damn Mind

When I buy an electronic device why can't the charger come all assembled with it? Why, Apple, why? Why do we now have to purchase the cube separate from the cable? It's making my life a living hell. We used to have a shortage of cubes. But now we have a shortage of cables. And my kids leaving them behind everywhere we go isn't helping matters. Our house has turned into one giant charging station. We have five kindle fires, one kindle reader, two laptops, three iPhones, one Samsung Galaxy,…

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All Beau Had To Do Was Buy One Present. One Freaking Present. Bless His Heart.

It's so hard. Just so hard. Being a man. Especially around the holidays. I only have about eighty people to buy presents for. So when Beau steps up to the plate and says he's going to buy one gift in particular, I'm all for it. Until the texts start rolling in. In the middle of the day. While I'm at work. Bless his heart. I'm used to Beau going to the grocery store and calling no less than three times to ask me questions about my list. A list that…

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Moms vs. Dads: Morning Addition

We women sure have come a long way since we got the vote. We now have careers of our own and get to work outside the home. But that doesn't mean things are exactly equal. Allow me to demonstrate with exhibit A. How horrifyingly different my mornings tend to be from my husband's. My Morning Alarm goes off. Hit snooze. Twice. Get out of bed. Get coffee. Take shower. Wake up the kids by nuzzling their sweet little necks with tender little kisses. Dry hair. Apply product. Put face on.…

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My Friend Makes the Most Amazing Widow.

May 3rd is National Widow's Day. Now don't get that confused with International Widow's Day. That's on June 23rd. Widows have all the fun. A widow is supposed to be a little old lady. She's supposed to be sweet and tell stories of losing the love of her life after being married for a million years. A widow is not supposed to be in her thirties. But life can be so cruel. I have the most amazing friend named Mamie. She is absolutely hilarious and we have so much fun…

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Why Am I So Technologically Challenged?

It's 2016. And I feel like my Dad. Why do I have such a problem with technology? I'm 38. I should be rocking all these modern day advances. But I'm not. Not even close. When I was a kid I knew how to operate that VCR like no one's business. I can remember the pride I saw in my father's eyes when I could put a VHS in and generate a motion picture. I distinctly remember him regaling his friends with stories about how I could "make that machine work''.…

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