Jamie Lynn Spears Needs Prayers, Not Judgement

I have been absolutely heart sick over the story about the daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears. She was riding in an ATV on the family's property when there was an unspeakable accident. She flipped and was submerged under water for some time. Her mother, Jamie Lynn, witnessed the entire thing. She raced to her and tried to get her out. She was strapped in by a seat belt and a safety net. All the things that were in place to prevent a disaster. Now making it so much worse. I…

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Tomorrow is My First Furlough Day. And I’m Going to Enjoy Every Freaking Second of it.

Tomorrow is a furlough day for me. It's a day that I cannot come to work and will not get paid. Although I enjoy getting paid, I'm not entirely upset about the no work part. My kids are all in school full time. They will all be in school tomorrow. And I will be home. Alone. Furloughing. All. By. Myself. A few weeks ago my kindergartener and first grader came home with permission slips for a field trip. To see Disney on Ice. I was a bit too overly excited…

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Kicking My Students Butts One Step At A Time

Part of my diet and exercise regime includes counting my steps everyday. I really felt the need to challenge myself. So when one of my fave students got a Fitbit, we started challenging each other on a weekly basis. He's in 8th grade. He's got an obscene amount of energy. And he plays multiple sports. On the first day he got over 27,000 steps. Sometimes I walk into my room and find a giant L written on my board. Sometimes when I see this student he yells "take a L".…

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