Jamie Lynn Spears Needs Prayers, Not Judgement

I have been absolutely heart sick over the story about the daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears. She was riding in an ATV on the family's property when there was an unspeakable accident. She flipped and was submerged under water for some time. Her mother, Jamie Lynn, witnessed the entire thing. She raced to her and tried to get her out. She was strapped in by a seat belt and a safety net. All the things that were in place to prevent a disaster. Now making it so much worse. I…

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Life Without Cable Is Not Worth Living

About two years ago we cut the cord. The cable cord. We didn't need cable. Our lives were so much more than television. We'd be able to spend more quality time with each other. As a freaking family. Cutting the umbilical cord was easier, but those scissors they use are amazingly sharp. I could use a pair of those in my kitchen I was going to get back to reading every night. Well the nights I didn't drink. So about every other night. But still, this was going to be…

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