You Could Not Pay Me To Shop On Black Friday

If it's one thing I will never understand it's Black Friday. I like to shop. I like to save money. But I don't care for getting the sh!t beat out of me in the process. But that's just me. I prefer to lay in bed and turn on the news and see people killing each other over a half price television. And I am NEVER disappointed. EVER. I used to try to have all of my shopping completed by Thanksgiving. It's just how I rolled. But now I have major…

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All Beau Had To Do Was Buy One Present. One Freaking Present. Bless His Heart.

It's so hard. Just so hard. Being a man. Especially around the holidays. I only have about eighty people to buy presents for. So when Beau steps up to the plate and says he's going to buy one gift in particular, I'm all for it. Until the texts start rolling in. In the middle of the day. While I'm at work. Bless his heart. I'm used to Beau going to the grocery store and calling no less than three times to ask me questions about my list. A list that…

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What the Hell Kind of Christmas Carol is This?

I prefer my suicidal helliday songs to be of the Carpenter variety. Because at least then I'm reminded to put down the eggnog and pop an ex-lax to maintain this mannish figure. I was on my way into work the other day when I had the unfortunate experience of hearing Dan Fogelberg's Same Old Lang Syne on the radio. I was torn between trying to figure out what in the hell it had to do with my holidays and wanting to drive into a light pole. Met my old lover in…

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My Uncle Tom. I’m going to miss him.

This is a tough one to write. Not only because I lost someone that I loved, but because most of the stories about my uncle can't be told in good company. The other night we said good-bye to my Uncle Tom. It still amazes me how you can be expecting someone to die, yet when they actually do, it's still so shocking. My Uncle Tom was truly one of a kind. He was totally always there for me and my brothers when my parents were sick and died. He and…

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It’s Time We As Americans Work to Make Facebook Great Again

The election is over. The people have spoken. At least the people who attend the Electoral College. Wherever that is. It's time to accept and move on. This is life. You can't always get what you want. I have learned so much from this election. Most importantly, people are cray to the Z. A lot have people have asked me what I'm going to tell my children. I don't generally discuss politics with my kids. Because they're freaking kids. So I found it odd that so many people were so…

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