It’s Time We As Americans Work to Make Facebook Great Again

The election is over. The people have spoken. At least the people who attend the Electoral College. Wherever that is. It's time to accept and move on. This is life. You can't always get what you want. I have learned so much from this election. Most importantly, people are cray to the Z. A lot have people have asked me what I'm going to tell my children. I don't generally discuss politics with my kids. Because they're freaking kids. So I found it odd that so many people were so…

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I Need These Election Commercials to End. Now.

Every morning I walk (crawl) on the treadmill for thirty minutes. It's just my time to be by myself. And I love every second of it. And by every morning, I mean the last couple of months. Who knows how long this will last. There are no calls. No texts. Just me. Alone. Watching the morning news. This used to be the most peaceful time of my day. But it has now turned into my least favorite time of day. Thanks to all of the insane election commercials. I. Can.…

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How to Help Your Friends Through the Grieving Process

When a friend experiences a loss, you want to be there for them. You want them to know that you love and care about them. You want them to know that you are there for them. But how? I get asked this question a lot. I mean a lot, a lot. People ask, my best friend just lost her mom or dad, what do I say to her? My short answer is always the same. Nothing. Don’t say anything. Not one damn word. There is nothing you can say that…

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Inequality: T-Shirt Division: One Woman’s Quest

It is the year 2016. And there is an issue that I just can't wrap my head around. Why in God's name can't t-shirts be massed produced in women's sizes? I have played in countless softball tournaments. And I have countless men's t-shirts to prove it. In my closet. I have done a ton (several) of race/walks. All of them earning me another men's t-shirt that will sit in a pile. Unworn. A few years ago we had a fundraiser for our son. We had t-shirts made. All men's sizes.…

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What I Need the World to Know About Raising a Gender Nonconforming Child

When my husband and I decided to have kids we didn't put all that much thought into it. Because we had been drunk for ten years. But we have learned that there is never really anything that can prepare you for having children. You just do it and figure it out as you go along. I'm pretty sure this is what everyone does. It's a total crap shoot. You're not guaranteed anything. Everyone just goes into it hoping for the best. The day we had our first born son was…

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I Got a Fitbit and It Is All I Will Talk About From This Point Forward

I tend to get obsessed with things. When I get excited about something I jump in with both feet. Like having kids. I had four in under four years. I couldn't get enough. I had four kids and then I was over it. No more. I'm done. Time to move on. My latest obsession is my new Fitbit. I cannot get enough of this little miracle. There is nothing it can't do. It tells me how many steps I take. It tracks my sleep. It tells me how many steps…

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Not A Day Goes By That I Don’t Miss My Mom

There are certain days of the year that I dread. And no matter what preventative measures I take, these dreaded days come. And they don't seem to get all that easier. The absolute worst day of my calendar year is October 7th. And there is no avoiding it. It comes the same time each year. Day after October 6th. Day before October 8th. Every freaking year. The deathiversary of my mom. The deathiversary is the one day each year that I relive every single second of the day my mom…

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Getting the Kids Back To School. The Struggle is Real.

I really, really dread summer coming to an end. The monotony of back to school. The God damn lunches. Four this year. Plus two snacks. Every. Damn. Day. My kids started school yesterday. With just a half day. Followed by another half day today. I go back to work on Monday. So I wasn't expecting much. But holy bajaysus! Have I enjoyed these hours of pure bliss more than I could ever imagine. It's amazing what some alone time can do for your psyche. I'll take you back to Wednesday…

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My Summer Rules for Kids That Refuse to Raise Themselves- Feel Free to Print and Frame

Now that summer is here I feel the need to reiterate some of the basics. In order for us all to survive, I'd like to take this opportunity to go over some of the ground rules. Eating. I don't care what you eat. As long as I don't have to assist you in any way, shape, or form. I'm not cooking. You're old enough to find food in the cabinets and open the packaging yourself. I put a lot of time and effort into the $400 worth of processed food…

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I Have Finally Found the True Meaning in Mother’s Day. Me.

A few weeks ago I got an invitation to attend a Mother's Day Tea and Fashion Show at my daughter's school. My initial thought was I can't go because I have to work. I told my five year-old this. She was upset. Like all my kids are when they ask me to do something and I say I can't. But I always explain that I work to make the money to buy the toys and they're usually okay with this. But this time was different. I really don't know what…

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My Friend Makes the Most Amazing Widow.

May 3rd is National Widow's Day. Now don't get that confused with International Widow's Day. That's on June 23rd. Widows have all the fun. A widow is supposed to be a little old lady. She's supposed to be sweet and tell stories of losing the love of her life after being married for a million years. A widow is not supposed to be in her thirties. But life can be so cruel. I have the most amazing friend named Mamie. She is absolutely hilarious and we have so much fun…

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Going to the ER is Painful. Even When You’re Not the Patient.

I really don't know where to begin with this one. On Friday night my Aunt Batsy called me to tell me she fell. She just had one knee replaced and was coming home from therapy. It was the bad knee that still needs to be replaced that gave out and caused the fall. She said her ankle was swollen and she was in pain. I immediately sent a group text to all of the parties involved. When we got to her house, she acted surprised to see us. She asked…

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