Dear Celebs. Please STFU. Now.

No one cares. No one. Not me. Not my friends. Not anyone who has to work for a living. I never try to put my religious or political beliefs on anyone. Because half the time I'm not even sure what they are. I wish people would stop trying to put theirs on me. I am a school counselor. A Wife. A mother of four. I work in the Chicago Public Schools with children who see so much gun violence that they are totally desensitized by it all. I have two…

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I Totally Understand What It’s Like to be Barron Trump. Totally.

Many people may not know this about me. But I actually had a very similar upbringing to that of Barron Trump. Very similar. Like totally the same. When I was a kid my uncle owned a few car dealerships on the south side of Chicago. My Dad worked for him. And also appeared in the television commercials to promote the business. So it's really no wonder I've had such television success of my own. Appearing on WGN morning news. Once. Donald Trump had his reality show. My Dad starred in…

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My Thoughts on the Amanda Knox Documentery

I recently watched the Netflix documentary on Amanda Knox. More affectionately known as "Foxy Knoxy". And now I'm convinced she really is innocent. Of murder. But she is totally guilty of committing fashion suicide. The scariest part of the entire documentary was Amanda's lack of make-up. Did she think she was doing a Dove commercial? She didn't have one lick of make-up on. It was appalling. Did she not know she was out of prison and didn't have to look like an inmate anymore? I go to bed with more…

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HGTV’s Tiny Houses: Size Does Matter

I caught an episode of HGTV's tiny houses show the other night. In between watching Ryan Lochte getting attacked for real and JonBenet specials. And holy crap. I thought my house was small. If I ever got to the point where I wanted to get rid of Beau, I wouldn't hire a hit man. I would just move us into one of those obnoxious tiny houses. That would do it. And there would be no blood on my hands. Sixty-four square feet. Are you effing kidding me? Measurements aren't my…

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Dear Children, Please Stop Flipping Your Flipping Water Bottles

If one more flipping kid flips one more flipping water bottle I'm going to flipping lose it. I thought my kids were all becoming diabetics the way they've been constantly asking for water all summer long. But I finally caught on. They're not drinking the flipping water. They're flipping the flipping water. Bottles. All summer long I've been listening to bottles flipping all over my damn house. It's driving me insane. I make them go outside and I can still hear it on the deck. I can hear it on the…

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I Don’t Care Who You’re Voting For. Really, I Don’t.

I love the month of March. It's still snowing but it doesn't matter because you know it will be warm soon. St. Patrick's Day falls right in the middle of the month, so you're guaranteed a good time. And there's Easter to symbolize new beginnings. It's just a hope filled month. The only thing raining on my South Side Irish parade this year is politics. It's election time in Chicago. The primary is a little over a week away. I don't like primaries. I don't like having so many options.…

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