My Nice Cooking Lesson With My Nice Italian Family

Iโ€™ve been on a real Italian kick lately. Because Beau is part Italian. Which makes my kids even parter Italian. So itโ€™s important to me to get to know their people.  A few weeks ago a group of us decided to go to Italian Fest. Which is the absolute dumbest place to go when youโ€™re trying to not eat carbs. But then I remembered Italian people like wine. So I went. All I can say for sure is that a good time was had by all. Being Italian for the…

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My Thoughts on the Amanda Knox Documentery

I recently watched the Netflix documentary on Amanda Knox. More affectionately known as "Foxy Knoxy". And now I'm convinced she really is innocent. Of murder. But she is totally guilty of committing fashion suicide. The scariest part of the entire documentary was Amanda's lack of make-up. Did she think she was doing a Dove commercial? She didn't have one lick of make-up on. It was appalling. Did she not know she was out of prison and didn't have to look like an inmate anymore? I go to bed with more…

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