What Do I Want for Mother’s Day This Year? Oh, You Know Me, Nothing Much.

Mother's Day has always been a tough one for me. My mom's death literally took the Mother out of my Mother's Day. But now that I'm the mom, I get to enjoy it once again. Because I get presents. The other day, Beau asked what I wanted for Mother's Day. Now before you start sending me messages, yes, Beau buys me a Mother's Day present. It's from him and the kids. And I get him a Father's Day present. I know I'm not his Mother and he is not my…

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Mother’s Day Really Sucks When Your Mom is Dead

Mother’s Day is one of the happiest days of the year. The weather is usually gorgeous. Everyone gets up early to spend the day with mom. Beautiful flowers are purchased. Perhaps a nice brunch to really show how much you care. An appropriate champagne toast. It’s just a great day to spend with the person you love most in life. The person responsible for giving you life. Unless, of course, she’s dead. Celebrating Mother’s Day without a mom is not as fun as it sounds. When I had a mom,…

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I Have Finally Found the True Meaning in Mother’s Day. Me.

A few weeks ago I got an invitation to attend a Mother's Day Tea and Fashion Show at my daughter's school. My initial thought was I can't go because I have to work. I told my five year-old this. She was upset. Like all my kids are when they ask me to do something and I say I can't. But I always explain that I work to make the money to buy the toys and they're usually okay with this. But this time was different. I really don't know what…

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My Friend Makes the Most Amazing Widow.

May 3rd is National Widow's Day. Now don't get that confused with International Widow's Day. That's on June 23rd. Widows have all the fun. A widow is supposed to be a little old lady. She's supposed to be sweet and tell stories of losing the love of her life after being married for a million years. A widow is not supposed to be in her thirties. But life can be so cruel. I have the most amazing friend named Mamie. She is absolutely hilarious and we have so much fun…

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