You Could Not Pay Me To Shop On Black Friday

If it's one thing I will never understand it's Black Friday. I like to shop. I like to save money. But I don't care for getting the sh!t beat out of me in the process. But that's just me. I prefer to lay in bed and turn on the news and see people killing each other over a half price television. And I am NEVER disappointed. EVER. I used to try to have all of my shopping completed by Thanksgiving. It's just how I rolled. But now I have major…

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Dear Children, You Are So Freaking Lucky To Still Be Alive

My morning started out pretty amazing. I was on the treadmill watching the news. The forecast was calling for a sixty degree day. In February. I lost three pounds this week and was excited to slip on my sure to be loose jeans. I also purchased a new shirt and purse from Target last night that I was eager to debut. And it's Friday. Today was going to be amazing. Then I wake the children. And all holy hell breaks loose. My one son refuses to get out of bed…

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More Amazing Comments I Have Received. Some People Are Really Mean. And I Love It.

I would like to thank everyone who left a crazy-ass message on my blog. Without you, I wouldn't have a topic to write about each month. And the messages get better (worse) and better (worse) each time. Candy Hello. Are you a supplier for a wire hanger making machine? It was hard to read this without spitting out my wine. No, no I am not. Clearly Candy didn't spend one iota of time actually reading my blog. Nor is she a Joan Crawford fan.  Jesy What an unfortunate blog name.…

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You Want To Put What Where? People Are Not Happy With Target’s Bathroom Policy.

There's been a lot of talk lately about Target's not new policy to let people use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. There's been even more comments. And if it's one thing I love, it's to comment on comments. There are 7.125 billion people in the world. 500,000 of them signed an online petition to boycott Target. Because everyone knows that the best way to really hit a company where it hurts is to sit on your ass and type your name into a computer. To be honest,…

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