What It’s Like to be the Daughter of a Blogger (Who Thinks She’s Super Famous)

This is not written by Eileen Barrins\O’Connor.  This does not have any swears or calling anyone names in it. It is written by Mimi Barrins. (her favorite child) 5 things my mom always yells... #1: Shut your damn mouth!!!!!!!!! #2: Downstairs or outside?! #3: I am trying to write!! #4: Find my computer! #5: Get out of my room! When my dad hears my mom yelling, he always yells, too. Bless his heart. What My Mom and Dad are Like They are always yelling. They are always going on walks (to get…

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How Having Kids Will Make You Look Forward to Going to the Dentist

I got a message the other day from my friend Moe. He was telling me how much his life has changed since having kids. He has two small children so a trip to the dentist alone is now a real treat for him. Thought about your blog today. The kids were waking up from naps and I was about to get the change me, feed me, bring me outside, I just woke up I'm cranky attitude from them. But lucky me I had a dentist appointment! I used to hate…

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I Totally Understand What It’s Like to be Barron Trump. Totally.

Many people may not know this about me. But I actually had a very similar upbringing to that of Barron Trump. Very similar. Like totally the same. When I was a kid my uncle owned a few car dealerships on the south side of Chicago. My Dad worked for him. And also appeared in the television commercials to promote the business. So it's really no wonder I've had such television success of my own. Appearing on WGN morning news. Once. Donald Trump had his reality show. My Dad starred in…

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It’s Time We Start to Respect the Police Again

Tensions are high in the city of Chicago right now. A lot has been going on. The Cubs won the World Series. There was a shooting of an armed man by an off-duty Chicago Police Officer. And there was the election. Those three events have directly impacted the police. They are the ones who are called to control all of the drunks celebrating in the streets. They are the ones called when a man is wielding a gun in the middle of a family oriented neighborhood. They are the ones…

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What I Need the World to Know About Raising a Gender Nonconforming Child

When my husband and I decided to have kids we didn't put all that much thought into it. Because we had been drunk for ten years. But we have learned that there is never really anything that can prepare you for having children. You just do it and figure it out as you go along. I'm pretty sure this is what everyone does. It's a total crap shoot. You're not guaranteed anything. Everyone just goes into it hoping for the best. The day we had our first born son was…

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