The Best Worst Comments I Have Received

When you write a blog and put all of your thoughts out there for the world to read, you know you’re setting yourself up for every crazy person to give their opinion. Everyone is smarter than you and knows better. But I really don’t get it. When I’m reading something that I don’t agree with or find dumb, I stop reading it and move on. I don’t take the time to tell the person why I think they are so wrong.

But these people did. And I applaud them for being so brave. Behind their keyboards.

Some comments I have received have really hurt. Especially when it comes to my kids. But these are not those comments. These made my day. I have an unapologetic love for wine. I’m sorry this bothers you so.

These comments are unedited. And keep in mind, no one is judging me. People like to tell me how they’re not judging me before and after they have judged me. And I appreciate that.

One more thing. I’ll save you the trouble of looking this up.

Sarcasm: the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

“Ten Types of Friends We All Have”

Anonymous- You don’t have to except it honey. you have to accept it.

NWHE- Thanks for taking the time to point out my errors, honey. I bet it made you feel good. For the record, I write a blog. This is not a freaking American Journal of Medicine. I make mistakes. All the time, Spelling, grammatical, and in poor decision making. I’m lucky to have people like you to always point that out.

Christina- I loved this article, it was funny and on point. Except for the last one. The spouse friend. There is such thing as spouse friends in healthy, fun marriages. My husband is my best friend and we just celebrated our 7th anniversary.

NWHE-My hubs is not my best friend, he’s my “soul mate”.

Cindy- As much as I have enjoyed your blog i need to unsubscribe.

NWHE- Cindy thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to let me, and the world, know. Most people just click unsubscribe.

Drinks + Pool = Baby

akchandarana- Hiding your baby bump with a beer? Real nice.

NWHE- Thank you! By the end of my pregnancy it took an entire case to hide it.

“What Ten Years of Marriage Looks Like”

Deanna- sooo you got drunk AND THEN began to have fun with your husband.. not my idea of a perfect marriage.. just sayin…

NWHE- Oh I never said we had the perfect marriage. You must have misread. All I said was my husband and I GOT DRUNK on our tenth anniversary. You sound like a lot of fun. Thanks for not judging me.

Mathew- Yay, I can get drunk and have fun with anyone, but to get drunk to have fun with my husband, yay, I’d be an alcholic, and I’m sorry, that is not an option with three kids… Big choices to make!!!

NWHE- Mathew, with one T, I have four kids and it’s an option for me. Maybe you’re doing it wrong. And by your use of exclamation points I know you mean business!!!

Nicole- This should read “what 10 years of marriage looks like for me” my husband and I about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, and one thing I can tell you is we can certainly have fun together and get through a meal without having to be intoxicated lol. I dunno if it was meant to be that way but the undertone of this article was sad and depressing to me. But to each their own right? As long as she’s happy with your marriage then that’s all that matters. Congratulations!

NHWE- Thanks Nicole. Happy Anniversary to you too! Sorry I depress you. But to each their own, right?

Shayla- My Husband asked me to marry him on our first date when I was a few weeks shy of 18 & he was nearly 28. That was 25 years ago & he’s still the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I would never presume to judge anyone else’s marriage, but all I get out of reading this woman’s article on her marriage is that they have to get drunk in order to be able to enjoy each other’s company, which, if that’s the case is so, so sad. The worst part is that I hope people reading this article don’t think that’s the way most marriages are, or that it’s the normal, natural way they end up. We’ve always been crazy about each other, which is good b/c our 22yo Daughter is now married, in college, & living her own life. This past weekend we went away for 4 days, spent 6 hours floating down a river with no one else around, & only wish we could’ve been gone longer & are already planning our next get-away. Everything in life is what you make of it. Whenever I hear people saying that ‘marriage is hard work’, I just don’t understand. It just shouldn’t be that hard. Maybe we just got lucky when we found each other. Luckily, I guess, I got to marry the love of my life & my best friend all in one.

NWHE- Whoa you should really have your own blog. Most marriages don’t make it to ten years, So give me some credit. I love that you guys are still in love after 25 years. But if Beau suggested we go floating down a river for 6 hours without witnesses, I’m not falling for it. But thanks for telling me you’re not judging. Because I thought you were.

Janet- I married my husband nine months after meeting him. We’ve been together ever since. And we do not need alcohol to make us happy.

NWHE- You got married nine months after meeting? What did you name the baby?


“I Stepped on Another Freaking Lego”

Tom- Are you kidding me? I’m sorry but I think you miss the point of LEGO. I know this was written to get hits, attention, or a string of sympathetic comments, but seriously.

1.)Slippers. Or even socks help. Or lights and watch where you put your feet.

2.)Rules? “No LEGO in the kitchen”

3.)The value of LEGO is in it’s system of play. not for what you can sell it for later.

4.)Try sitting down and building with your kids. You will teach each other things.

NWHE- Tom thank you so much for your sympathy. I really appreciate the numerical order of your comment. It kept it organized and to the point. You sure do keep yourself busy with your cyber-bullying and Lego building.

I have written before about keyboard courage. I have it. You have it. We all have it. But these people took the time to demonstrate it. And I thank you for that.

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