Welcome To My New Home!

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while, but my new blog website is finally complete! So I will now be sharing new content weekly.

If you’d like, take a second to look around. Read some old posts. Buy some new merch. 

And don’t forget to…

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I’m so excited to be back and looking forward to writing a ton. I have had so much happen this past year. OMG. Where do I begin?

Stay tuned!!!!



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  1. Tim O'Connor

    Good job

  2. Brigid Jacobsen

    Congrats Ei 🥂!!

  3. Patty

    Yay!!!!!! Already looking forward to Thursday! This makes Friday Eve even better!

  4. KateWalshWard

    Love your stories – I laugh out loud lots❗️😂🍻

  5. Susie

    OMG! The folded arms across the chest and the glasses she looked over! Haha I can picture her just like that! She always seemed to know what we were getting into🤣

    1. NoWireHangers

      Haha and you do it so well!

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