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What Do I Want for Mother’s Day This Year? Oh, You Know Me, Nothing Much.

Mother’s Day has always been a tough one for me. My mom’s death literally took the Mother out of my Mother’s Day. But now that I’m the mom, I get to enjoy it once again. Because I get presents.

The other day, Beau asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day. Now before you start sending me messages, yes, Beau buys me a Mother’s Day present. It’s from him and the kids. And I get him a Father’s Day present. I know I’m not his Mother and he is not my Father, but this is what we do.

Anywho. I was surprised that he was asking so far in advance. Mother’s Day is five days away. Presents could still arrive with regular shipping. Nothing would have to be expedited. I wouldn’t get to watch Beau get all huffy and puffy trying to work the damn Google machine.

No freaking way. That’s too easy. I would have to up my mom game to make it difficult for him this year.

Oh, ya know, nothing much. Just a portrait of the kids taken by a professional. And not JC Penney. The professional that took our last family photo. That included only the two of us. Because we weren’t even a family yet.

I want some nice candid pics. The kind that make it look like the kids love each other. The kind that make us look like unbelievably amazing parents. The kind everyone else in the world has on Facebook.

My Mom and I years ago.
My Mom and I years ago.

I would really like Lake Michigan as a backdrop. And maybe some of the city in the background, too, for good measure. That way people will think we do fun and interesting things with our kids when I post the photos to social media with the hashtags #totallysurprised and #howdheknow?

And no posed photos. Just the kids frolicking in the sand and water. Perhaps skipping rocks. With their matching jeans rolled up mid-calf. And their matching white button downs, crisp from the cleaners. You know, just real natural.

My Dad only gave me one piece of relationship advice. He told me that whenever I wanted something that required Beau’s approval, to just make him think it was his idea. Only advice my Dad ever gave me. And it has been the best advice anyone has ever given me.

Here we are still happily married after 13 years. It works. It really does.

Like so…..

If the idea of you hiring a photographer, buying the kids new matching outfits, and taking them in public seems too daunting to you, I have another, much easier, suggestion.

Me:”I mean I guess you can just buy me that super expensive Tiffany necklace I’ve had my eye on.”

Beau: “How about if I order you an expensive necklace from Tiffany, instead? And I can pay for the one day shipping and never have to leave this couch. Ever.”

Me: “Wow, babe, that’s a way better idea than getting the kids pictures taken. And not to mention way easier for you. You’re so amazing at always knowing exactly what I want. And at never actually getting up off the couch.” #blessed

See how I did that? My Dad was a genius.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Moms out there. And to everyone missing their Mom this year.

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