What It’s Like to be the Daughter of a Blogger (Who Thinks She’s Super Famous)

This is not written by Eileen Barrins\O’Connor. 

This does not have any swears or calling anyone names in it.

It is written by Mimi Barrins. (her favorite child)

5 things my mom always yells…

#1: Shut your damn mouth!!!!!!!!!

#2: Downstairs or outside?!

#3: I am trying to write!!

#4: Find my computer!

#5: Get out of my room!

When my dad hears my mom yelling, he always yells, too. Bless his heart.

What My Mom and Dad are Like

They are always yelling. They are always going on walks (to get their steps in). They’re always asking us to grab their chargers for them. It never ends with them. 

My Mom and “Aunt Shelly”

They love to stay out late together. They love having “sleepovers” together. They love the bar (not the ballet bar). Sometimes they prefer white claw. Aunt Shelly likes to do back bends after some wine. She’s really good at them. One time Aunt Shelly amazed us by squeezing out a small window in my “Uncle Dat’s” basement that no one thought she could fit out of. 

Hotels love her.
Hotels love her.

So this is what it’s like to be the daughter of a “famous” blogger

My mom thinks she’s really famous just because she was on WGN one time and she thinks everybody was watching. She loves when we’re at the store and people come up and ask her if she writes the blog. Whenever we stay at a hotel she tells us that everyone at the hotel loves her blog because of the no wire hanger signs on the walls. And whenever I ask her to sign my homework she makes me ask her for her autograph. So that’s why I ask my Dad. Bless his heart.


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