What You Need to Know About Being Married For Ten Years

Beau and I just celebrated ten years of marriage. It amazes me that ten years has gone by in the blink of an eye. Yet so much has changed in these same years.

I remember when we were picking out our wedding bands. There was a second band you could purchase to match my set. The jeweler suggested Beau could come back and buy it for me for our tenth anniversary. I pictured what it would be like ten years later opening that gift. I was off. Way off.

When we were planning our honeymoon we didn’t have much time to spend traveling. So we decided we’d go to Mexico and then we’d go to Hawaii on our tenth anniversary. And if by Hawaii we meant Rosemont, Illinois, then we were spot on.

We decided to do a romantic getaway for a night. Just Beau and me. We vowed after our honeymoon that we would never vacation alone again. We are just people persons. We do better in crowds. But we thought after ten years we could use a night with just the two of us. To get reaquainted.

We get to the hotel around 4:45 pm. The lounge didn’t open til 5:00. Burn. So we stared at our phones in our room until it was time.

We began with a nice drink to start the evening off right. We discussed our dinner options. There were a lot of nice restaurants in the area and a complimentary shuttle bus so our night wouldn’t end in prison. We chose a really fancy one that we’ve always wanted to try. I made the reservation for 8:00 so that we can have some drinks and we wouldn’t be rushed.

We decide to head on over to Toby Keith’s bar. We saddle up and order some fancy drinks that we wouldn’t normally try. We were really living it up. I suggest we get an appetizer. Beau doesn’t like the idea because he had a big lunch. Outside of the home. With adults. Bless his heart.

Beau is also afraid an appetizer is going to ruin his appetite for our big meal. I asked him to tell me the last time he wasn’t able to finish a steak. Exactly. We got an order of the loaded fries. And it’s a damn good thing we did.

So after our lovers spat, things got awkward. We just sat there staring at one another. We haven’t been alone in years and we honestly didn’t know how to behave. I was so uncomfortable. I just kept thinking there is no way this is going to last another ten years.


But then something magical happened. We started to get drunk. And then we remembered all of the reasons why we are so good together. We were making each other laugh. We were inching a little closer to one another. We may have even touched each other once or twice. Just like old times.

The drinks were really flowing. So much so that we decide we don’t need to eat dinner. We could just drink all night instead. So we cancel our reservation. And head off to another bar. Good thing we got those fries.

We were really enjoying each other’s company by this point. Hands were being held. A few stolen kisses. It was like a fairy tale. A big sloppy drunk fairy tale.

They say a girl marries someone just like her dad. I didn’t realize how true that was until we went on to another bar that had a cover charge. We wait in line. This place was bumpin’. I was excited to get this party started on the dance floor.

But when it’s finally our turn to go in, Beau is not having any of it. A cover charge? Not on his dime.

It brought me right back to the time we moved to the suburbs and my dad took us to get library cards and you had to pay for them. Beau dragged me out of that bar just like my dad dragged us out of that library years before. The shame.

We end up finding another bar without a cover. This is where things get a little blurry. Next thing I know it’s 4am and the fire alarm is going off in our hotel room. Naturally Beau and I are fully clothed so we get up and walk out. We’re always prepared.

The entire hotel was evacuated. Including all of the people from the pampered chef convention who unfortunately for us did not pass out fully clothed. My eyes.

Still not sure what that was all about. But we were able to go back to our rooms and finish sleeping one off. And just like on our honeymoon, I woke up in the morning with a full glass of wine on the nightstand.

Thinking about what life was like ten years ago makes my heart melt. It was such an awesome time. So young and in love. Two years without kids. I want to go to there. Things were so different back then. I love thinking of the old us ten years ago. So many dreams for the future. And hope. So much damn hope.

I really thought that after ten years of marriage we would have it all. And we do. But not the all I expected. A totally different type of all. A totally awesome all. I’m not even going to try to guess what the next ten years will bring. I like surprises.

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