Where in the World is the Guy Who Punched The Woman in This Video? And His Friends.

We all have that horrible drunk friend. And if you’re thinking, wait I don’t think I have that horrible drunk friend, you may want to look in the mirror. Chances are you are that horrible drunk friend.

I have been that horrible drunk friend. I have said and done things drunk and sober that I regret. The one thing I can count on when I have acted irresponsibly is my friends to set me straight.

Over the weekend there was an incident in the River North area of Chicago. There is surveillance video of a man sucker-punching a female security guard in the face.

It’s a hard video to watch. I have never been punched in the face. And I can’t imagine what it was like for this woman.

But the hardest part for me is the reaction of the bystanders. Because there was no reaction. It is insane to watch.

The guy who threw the punch was one hundred percent in the wrong. But those three people who stood there watching and did nothing are even more guilty. Their lack of reaction is frightening.


This picture actually makes it look like they are reacting. But in the video they just walk away slowly. Like it’s no big deal.

You just witnessed a man punch a woman in the face for no reason. And you’re okay with that? No one even looks in the woman’s direction to see if she’s all right.

The other problem I have with this video is that these people haven’t been located yet. It’s 2017. This video has gone viral. Yet no one recognizes these people?  There are four of them. And it’s a pretty clear pic.

I’m very interested to see what charges, if any, are brought upon these people. Obvi the man punching will be charged. But will the other people in the video? Can they be charged with anything?

I’ll be sitting here waiting with everyone else. Waiting to see how this pans out. Waiting to see if anyone will be held accountable for their actions.

In the meantime I’ll be showing this video to my students and trying to teach them how not to be a bystander. I am also going to show it to my own kids. And I pray none of them ever finds themselves on either side of this situation.

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